Rescue Ivey

A rescue for your pet rescue


Custom Applications

With Rescue Ivey you can manage all of your applications online and even customize the applications themselves. We will even fill in some default options for you so you can begin collecting applications immediately after registering.

Pet Management

All of the pertinent information you need to keep track of can be easily stored in the Rescue Ivey system. This includes medical records, miscallaneous costs, pet location history and more.

Automated Emails

The system can automatically email applicants with any updates to their application status. You can even configure reminders for when your pets need followups for medical procedures.

Search Tools

All information stored in the system is easily accessible through intuitive search tools. Historical data from years prior will always be a click away.

Mobile Friendly

Our system is mobile friendly so no matter where you are you can access your information. Even more importantly users applying will have a seamless experience regardless of the devices they use.

Personalized Support

If you ever find yourself stuck you can always reach out to us. We will help you leverage everything that the system is capable of managing.


All new integration with Facebook. Post your pets directly to facebook without leaving Rescue Ivey. Petfinder and Adopt-a-pet coming soon!


Rescue Ivey allows rescues to collect applications for pets right online. The system not only collects adopter applications but it can also be used to manage foster and volunteer applications. All filled out applications can then be managed as tasks. Each user in your rescue can be assigned applications so they can contact the adopter/foster/volunteers and their references. You can manage the status of each application and also add notes. We know how important it is to find the perfect home for our furry friends!


With rescue Ivey you can keep track of every pet you rescue, foster and adopt. When you enter your pets into the system it will begin tracking where they came from and every step that pet takes on her way to a new life. This is great for record keeping but you can also start to learn about how successful you've been. You will be able to analyze your success with our reporting tools.


All of our tools were built to help rescues be efficient so we can save more animals. Our system allows you and your team to focus on the important details of each of your applicants. With each adoption you can record the cost of all of your vet bills and procedures. When your pet has been adopted you can also record the charge to the adopter. We worked directly with rescues to understand the many challenges involved.